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Kefir cheese and salmon spread

This kefir cheese spread with salmon is easy and tasteful meal full of probiotics from homemade kefir cheese and nutrients from salmon. Especially when is served with homemade bread. Salmon provides vitamin A and multiple B-vitamins. It is one of…

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Sourdough Ciabatta with water kefir

Sourdough bread with water kefir is easy to digest and healthier than regular bread due to the symbiosis of of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and enzymes that transform carbohydrates and proteins into easily digestible substances that our body can use.…

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Gluten free Apple Clouds with kefir

Prepare this gluten free apple clouds with kefir cheese for a perfect autumn treat. The recipe was created by our friend Melanie Reisner-Kollmann from Ingredients: 3 eggs 100 g Kefir cheese 1 teaspoon cinnamon vanilla powder 20g coconut flour 1 large…

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Pesto with basil and homemade kefir

Are you a fan of pasta dishes always looking for interesting ideas for sauces? Try this pesto with basil which uses homemade kefir. Surely, if you make kefir at home you will soon have some extra that can be used…

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Water kefir with green tea and ginger

Green tea is excellent for relaxation and combines very good with ginger, lemon, honey and water kefir. Vanilla green tea has a positive effect on alertness and is also a good antioxidant. The rich aroma of vanilla soothes and relaxes.…

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Kefir and figs – a perfect combination

Figs are both, tasty and nutritious. Kefir and figs make a perfect pair. A fig is a succulent little fruit with blooms and seeds inside its fleshy skin, and is very nutritious. While it’s rich in natural sugar, it also…

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Mango and whey drink

This recipe was prepared by Melanie Reisner-Kollmann from Here’s what she said about it: After making a lot of cheese lately, I also have a lot of whey to experiment with. The result is a very tasty and fruity whey drink.…

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Yummy kefir cheese with chives

Making kefir cheese from kefir is a great way to make your favourite spread to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or snack. If the plain taste of cheese isn’t something you like, or you just want to change things up a…

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