Kefir is a fermented beverage, filled with probiotics and other healthy ingredients. Kefir is made by leaving special reusable living cultures, called kefir grains, in a liquid such as milk or sweetened water to ferment for about 24 hours. The kefir grains consist of proteins, polysaccharides and a mixture of several types of micro-organisms, such as yeasts and aroma and lactic-acid forming bacteria proven highly beneficial to humans.  Kefir helps boost your immune system, improves your digestion, helps regulate your cholesterol, and has other numerous beneficial effects.

Milk kefir is a result of the inoculation of milk with milk kefir grains.
Water kefir, also known as tibicos, is a result of the inoculation of sugary water with tibicos (water kefir grains).


  • rich in vitamin B

  • contains folic acid

  • contains easily digested proteins

  • full of good bacteria helping digestion

  • contains antimicrobial strains of lactobacilli

  • boosts immunity

  • supports detoxification

  • helps balance gut bacteria disturbed by antibiotics can heal the skin after severe burns
  • heals the inflammatory bowel disease

  • helps fight allergies

  • can be consumed by the lactose intolerant

  • lowers the blood pressure

  • helps in building bone density

  • kills candida

  • can help combat anemia

  • used in preventing and treating cancer


Kefir is a traditional fermented beverage with numerous health benefits: but to get the best of it, it has to be fresh – and for this do-it-yourself preparation is the best.


Making kefir by yourself gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the richness and health benefits of the beverage. Since no preservatives are added, you have better control over the quality of your kefir. You can also tailor it to your own taste. You can make as much or as little of kefir as you need. Compared to the kefir you can buy in stores, the homemade beverage contains a much higher degree of kefir-specific active substances which are important for your health. By culturing and storing homemade milk kefir in a glass jar you will avoid unwanted exposure to BPA and other toxins from plastic. You will save money and create less waste.


Either fresh or as an ingredient in smoothies, shakes, icecreams, bread spreads, salads, cakes, cookies, pies, puddings, pancakes – your favourite meal can easily be even more delicious with kefir.

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