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9.80 17.60 


  • storage lid
  • fermentation tracker
  • bottle 900ml or 1400ml (option with a bottle)

Product Weight:

  • Storage lid: 43g
  • Storage bottle 900ml: 496g
  • Storage bottle 1400ml: 742g

Product dimensions:

  • Storage lid – Height: 2,4cm, Diameter: 10,6cm
  • Storage bottle 900ml – Height: 15cm, Diameter: 10,6cm
  • Storage bottle 1400ml – Height: 22,7cm, Diameter: 10,6cm

Proper storage for your ferments!

Proper storage equipment is important in the world of fermentation as it directly influences the quality and safety of your creations. Using dedicated storage equipment ensures controlled airflow and protection from external contaminants. This prevents unwanted spoilage, encourages the growth of beneficial cultures, and ultimately leads to delicious, wholesome ferments.

Why Storage Bottle?

Investing in the right storage tools is an investment in the success
of your fermentation endeavors.




Experience the convenience and reliability
of our storage equipment.

Glass Jar

Wide-mouth glass jars are easy to use and clean. Glass is a non-reactive material that does not interact with fermented food, preserving its flavor and preventing contamination. The transparency allows effective monitoring.

Bioplastic materials

The storage lid is crafted from bioplastic, an eco-friendly material that supports sustainable practices while maintaining durability.

Silicone airtight lid

The plastic lid with silicone disc ensures an airtight seal. When gases accumulate in a bottle soft silicone material can adapt and prevent bottle explosion.

Fermentation Tracker

Stay in control of your fermentation process with the fermentation tracker feature. Easily monitor and manage the duration of storing your ferments to avoid spoilage.

Storage lid is available as stand-alone or in a set with Kefirko bottle.
The Storage lid is compatible only with Kefirko bottles.

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8 reviews for Storage

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    Mirjana Oražem


    Good thing.

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  3. English


    used for vinegar production and functions well and is good to clean.

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  5. English

    Laura Jelić

  6. English

    Mirjana Oražem


    I am satisfied with them. They are beautiful and practical.

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