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Enjoy homemade fresh kombucha!

Only 3 steps needed for the best kombucha!

1. Add tea and water

2. Add kombucha and ferment

3. Enjoy kombucha drink

What makes Kombucha fermenter so special?

Innovative elements that enable
easy kombucha preparation.

Silicone cover with filter

For safe kombucha fermentation. The lid enables airflow during the fermentation. Carbon filter neutralises the odours.

Fermentation clock

Set the first day of fermentation to know the exact duration of the fermentation and when is the time to stop it.

Glass jar

The fermentation jar is handcrafted mouthblown glass of best quality. The volume is perfect to prepare 5.7 l of kombucha beverage.

Why kombucha? Because you love it.

Kombucha is not only energizing and delicious in taste but healthy too.

Why homemade kombucha?

Don't search for kombucha in shops, you can make the best one yourself.

Take advantage of this product and prepare the best kombucha in the world. Choose your colour.

kombucha making

Want to learn more
about kombucha making?

Click below for our
learning resources.

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Kombucha Fermenter



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