Milk kefir starter kit

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Kefir Fermenter + Organic Milk Kefir Grains (Dried)

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39.40 54.22 

All you need for milk kefir preparation!

Includes a high-quality Kefirko fermenter jar
and dried organic milk kefir grains.

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Super simple preparation

Only three steps needed to prepare the best homemade kefir with quality ingredients.

1. Add grains and milk

2. Leave to ferment

3. Enjoy kefir

Available in 900ml or 1400ml size!

+ 1x organic Kefir grains

Receive small Kefir Fermenter & 1 pack of Kefir grains to make 600ml of kefir. Activation instructions and recipe included.

+ 2x organic Kefir grains

Receive large Kefir Fermenter & 2 packs of Kefir grains to make 1200ml of kefir. Activation instructions and recipe included.

Why kefir? Because it's really healthy.

Kefir has many positive benefits for health.
You can drink it straight up or add it to food.

Why homemade kefir instead of store-bought?

Because homemade is always better.

How to activate dried milk kefir grains?


Add milk kefir grains to 100ml milk.


Ferment 24 hrs (20-24°C). After 12 hrs stir gently.


After 24 hrs strain with fine mesh sieve and wash the grains with lukewarm water.


Repeat the first 3 steps 5-7 times. Start using 200ml of milk when grains show activity (souring, thickening). Once the milk ferments into kefir, the grains are ready to use.

Milk Kefir Recipe

1. 6 g activated milk kefir grains,
2. 600ml milk

Add milk kefir grains to milk and cover. Ferment for 24 hrs (20-24°C).
Strain the kefir and use the grains for the next batch.
Milk kefir is ready to be consumed or to second ferment.

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about fermenting?

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6 reviews for Milk kefir starter kit

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    Boris Dekleva

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    Yiannis G.

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    Nataša Skok

  4. English

    Vesna Strenja

    Okus kefira mi je preblag, voljela bih da je malo kiseliji, sličniji Vindiji. Kako se to moze postićo?

  5. English

    jacq au

    Received my order within 1 week

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    Thank you very much for a quality product. You make kefir fermentation so easy cheers 🙂

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Milk kefir starter kit

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