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Sourdough Fermenter + Organic Sourdough Starter (Dried)

Original price was: 48.30 €.Current price is: 41.06 €.

Original price was: 48.30 €.Current price is: 41.06 €.

All you need for sourdough fermentation!

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting,
The sourdough starter kit is ideal for anyone who loves to bake.

Create the perfect sourdough - simply and every time!

1. Feed the starter

2. Leave to ferment

3. Start baking

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Kefirko Sourdough Fermenter

This all-in-one kit, featuring a high-quality, 900ml glass jar, makes crafting delicious sourdough bread a breeze! The versatile cup measures, stores, and ferments your starter, while a handy fermentation clock reminds you of feeding times. Track your starter's progress easily and store it securely with included accessories.

Made with eco-friendly bioplastic, this kit equips you to bake delicious bread and care for the planet at the same time. Plus, unlock exclusive online recipes for artisan loaves and transform your baking skills from beginner to pro!

Organic Sourdough Starter

Perfect for Beginners! The starter is made with fresh, natural ingredients and carefully prepared to preserve its vitality. This gives you a head start and boosts your chances of success, even when new to sourdough baking.

Crafted from flour's naturally occurring yeast and lactic acid bacteria, each sachet contains dormant life, ready to be awakened with water. As these fermenting microorganisms come alive, they'll breathe life into your dough, creating delightful aromas of tang and sweetness, and complex flavours of your bread. Get ready to experience the satisfaction of baking delicious sourdough bread with a starter that's ready to thrive!

Why sourdough? Because it's really healthy.

Sourdough is not just a treat for your taste buds, but also a nutritional powerhouse.
Packed with beneficial bacteria and prebiotics, it supports a healthy gut and aids in digestion.

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How to use a dried sourdough starter?


Feed 15g starter with 25ml lukewarm water, and 30g flour. Cover and wait 6-8 hours.


Add 25ml lukewarm water, and 30g flour, and stir well. Cover and wait 12-16 hours.


In the next step add 60ml lukewarm water and 60g flour, and stir. Cover and leave for 12 hours.


Discard half the mixture and repeat step 2 (adding water and flour) until the starter doubles in size. Then it's active and ready to use!

Get ready to bake! Your starter is now active and ready to take the stage in your sourdough recipes.

Set yourself up for sourdough baking! Choose your colour.

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Want to learn more about fermenting?

Click below for our learning resources.

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Original price was: 48.30 €.Current price is: 41.06 €.

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