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Brew kombucha tea at home

Kombucha tea or “tea of life” is a fermented beverage made with black (or green) tea, sugar (or honey) and kombucha scoby. This mystical drink has a long history dating over 2.000 years ago and drank for its health benefits, energy boosting properties and antimicrobial impact.

These days it becomes more and more popular, not only in niche, organic markets but also mainstream supermarkets present many flavours of this beverage. If you want to avoid store bought kombucha it’s time to brew kombucha at home. You are in the right place, we are covering the basics on homemade kombucha here.

You can add some fresh juice for second fermentation of homemade kombucha.

Benefits of kombucha

Kombucha is rich in probiotics, for this reason it has all the positive effects of other fermented foods, like kefir, sauerkraut, etc, with a number of additional ones that are special to kombucha.

  • Probiotic value
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Detoxification
  • Stimulate immunity system
  • Energy booster

Aside from this it can be a great alternative to sugary soft drink as it comprise low levels of sugar but at the same time gives that effervescent and sweet taste of a refreshing drink.

Essentials for brewing kombucha at home

Kombucha making is not complicated hence it’s been made at home for centuries. Therefore if you want to save some money or just take control of choosing what you drink, homebrewing might be the answer.

Here is the list of things you need to prepare kombucha:

  • kombucha scoby or starter
  • 0,1 l brewed kombucha from previous batch (no need if you have kombucha starter)
  • green or black tea
  • sugar or honey
  • glass jar with lid/Kefirko
kombucha tea
Fully formed scoby in kombucha brew

Kombucha tea recipe

To begin with preparation, first boil one cup of water and put in 2 tea bags or 2 tsp of tea leaves. Leave for 5 minutes then take out the leaves or tea bags. Then cool down and put in the sugar (or honey if you are preparing jun kombucha). Pour into the glass jar and dilute with 1 l of water. Add 0,1 l of kombucha from previous batch then add the scoby. Finally, leave to ferment at room temperature as per manufacturer instructions, 4-7 days. Taste as you go, to get a feeling of what a day or two fermented kombucha tastes like.

If you are using the kombucha starter, pour in the 0,1 l of starter into the tea. The scoby will start to form during the first fermentation. Moreover, you have to leave it to ferment a bit longer, for 7-10 days.

Always save 0,1 l of fermented kombucha. It’s used for storing the scoby or for preparing the new batch.

Things to consider when brewing kombucha

Always prepare kombucha tea in a sterile environment. Same as with all food and beverage preparation it’s important to use clean utensils, jars, to wash hands, etc. With live cultures this is of even bigger importance since it can lead to contamination of the scoby and therefore ruined future batches.

You can second ferment kombucha after taking out the scoby. Add fruits you like and airtight cover the bottle, leave to ferment additional day or two. Chill before finally serving this delicious fizzy drink. Cheers!


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  1. How much sugar should you use to start the kombucha? Say if you are making 1litre. Cannot find that part of the instructions

    Thank you

  2. I had no idea that natural green tea powder could help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. My wife bought a bunch of natural green tea powder and I had no idea what it could help with. I’m glad that I found your article and I’m going to have to give green tea a try for all of these different uses!

  3. Please can someone advise – when brewing kombucha – and using kefirko jar- should the lid – be shut tight – so no air/filter or open – allow air in? Have tried with 2 starter kits – both times epic fail – tried both with no air and then going to try again but with ready grown scoby but don’t want to kill that too!

    Thank you 🙂

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