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How to clean with kombucha?

Discover the benefits of cleaning with kombucha. Learn how its high acidity and natural ingredients make it an effective and eco-friendly alternative to commercial cleaning products. Find out the best essential oils to add for extra scent and cleaning power.…

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Fermenting kombucha in the winter can present some challenges because the lower temperatures can affect the fermentation process. How does this change our kombucha fermenting and what can we do about it? Low temperatures in the environment can slow down…

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How to properly care for water kefir grains

Activation – Revitalisation – Boosting  – A proper way to care for water kefir grains. Regular fermentation with quality ingredients is very important to keep your water kefir grains active and healthy. But even when doing everything right some issues…

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Tea for kombucha brewing – how to choose?

Choosing the right tea for kombucha is a very important step when you decide to ferment. It’s not something you can just ignore since it affects the final taste tremendously. Firstly, you should use real tea leaves that are derived…

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pH value

What is optimal pH value of fermented beverages?

The pH value is one of the most significant measurements used to indicate the progress of the fermentation process. It detects the presence of specific chemical factors that affect growth, metabolism, and final product. The pH scale is a measurement…

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Vegan kefir – a dairy-free kefir

Vegan kefir is prepared with milk kefir grains and vegan milk. The fermentation process gives the vegan milk a thicker consistency and sour taste. Would you like to try fermenting it yourself? How does dairy-free milk ferment? Lactose is a…

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How to ferment fizzy kombucha?

Among fermented beverages, fizzy kombucha is one of the most refreshing ones and just perfect for hot summer days! How to achieve that perfect carbonation in your homemade kombucha? Every batch of kombucha may be different, but there are some…

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