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Benefits of homemade water kefir

Homemade kefir “good bugs” have always been good for me and my guts – long before I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease. But what about homemade water kefir? Is it beneficial like “regular” homemade kefir I make with milk? My…

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Milk kefir grains – the force within

Milk kefir grains are the life force of homemade kefir. In her book, From Kefir, With Love: An Irreverent Guide to Making Kefir and Healing Your Gut Naturally, Whitney Wilson emphasizes that kefir grains should be called kefir hearts. Absolutely!…

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kefir cheese

4 steps to prepare kefir cream cheese

Is cream cheese something you can’t live without? Perhaps you wonder how this delicious treat could be available to you every day, with quality ingredients? Read on for detailed recipe for homemade creamy cheese. 1st Step: Prepare cultured milk Cheese…

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Fermented food during pregnancy and infancy

Fermented food – is it recommended for pregnant women and small babies? What a mother eats very much affects breast milk quality. One thing that repeatedly comes up in studies is the importance of a vibrant digestive microbiome in the breastfeeding mother.…

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Can children drink homemade kefir?

A few of my friends and colleagues have children who were born with allergies and poor immune systems. Although I don’t have children of my own, I wondered whether homemade kefir could be beneficial for babies and children as it…

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