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Milk kefir grains – the force within

Milk kefir grains are the life force of homemade kefir. In her book, From Kefir, With Love: An Irreverent Guide to Making Kefir and Healing Your Gut Naturally, Whitney Wilson emphasizes that kefir grains should be called kefir hearts. Absolutely!…

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kefir cheese

4 steps to prepare kefir cream cheese

Is cream cheese something you can’t live without? Perhaps you wonder how this delicious treat could be available to you every day, with quality ingredients? Read on for detailed recipe for homemade creamy cheese. 1st Step: Prepare cultured milk Cheese…

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Kefir meals for a probiotic day

Kefir is a probiotic drink with many positive effects on your gut health and general well-being. So, it can be drank every day as it is – freshly fermented and strained or used in variety of dishes. Hence, here are…

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Fermenting water kefir

Water kefir is made with water, sugar and kefir grains. The process needed to make kefir is fermentation. Due to fermentation, kefir is lightly carbonated, acidic and contains a very low alcohol percentage. Main ingredients for the kefir are kefir…

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Kefir – drink of Olympians

During 31st Olympic games in Rio much attention will be given to the athletes competing and their successes. We all know and understand the strength and persistence it takes to be an Olympic athlete. Years and years of practice, hard…

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