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Ultimate Kefirko gift guide for the holidays

Looking for holiday gift ideas? You are in the right place if you want to give your loved ones a really special gift that says you care for them and their well being. But what to choose for whom? Here are some ideas which products may best suit your friends and family members.

New to fermenting?

If you want to find something for a person who never even heard of fermentation, it’s best to start with basics. Milk kefir is usually the first step people take into fermentation. It’s also easy to make even if you are new to fermentation. So, to introduce someone to fermentation, you can pick a milk kefir starter kit. It includes a kefir fermenter jar and a culture necessary to produce kefir. All he or she will need to do is add milk.

kefir starter
One package of dried kefir grains includes enough kefir grains to prepare 600 ml of kefir. Later on the grains will grow and you will have extra to share with others.

On the other hand, if your friend is vegan or does not like the taste of milk, water kefir and kombucha kits are a better choice.

water kefir gift
Water kefir is prepared with water kefir grains that are included in this starter kit. You will also need water and sugar.
gift kombucha kit
Kombucha starter and dehydrated kefir cultures can last up to a year in the package … just waiting for you to start fermenting.

Buying in advance?

You know it’s best to start going through your gift lists in November. That way you can make sure to get just the right thing for each person on that list. This means you may have a stack of gifts waiting for Christmas or New Years when you will be ready to give them away. With this in mind, you have to choose gifts that don’t have short expiry date. Our dehydrated grains and kombucha starters are suited for long time storage. And the person that receives the gift will also not be in a hurry to start fermenting.

Kombucha starter Water kefir grains Milk kefir grains

One individual or a family?

How much kefir or kombucha will that person prepare? Milk kefir ferments fast, you can have fresh one every day. For one person a small 848 ml (28 oz) kefir fermenter will probably be enough. On the other hand more people or family will probably consume more and you can choose a large option (1400 ml/48 oz).

848 ml / 28 ozkefir fermenter 1400 ml / 48 ozkefir fermenter large

Choose the perfect color!

Think about a person you want to give a gift to and what colors she or he likes. We have 6 color options for kefir fermenters and 4 for cheese makers. From our experience people like to match their kitchen gadgets with the color scheme they have in the kitchen, so take this into consideration!

Kefirko Kefir makers:

Kefirko Cheese makers:

A special gift for cheese enthusiast!

Who doesn’t love cheese? The Kefirko cheese maker is easy to use and prepare kefir cheese full of beneficial microorganisms. You can also prepare mozzarella, mascarpone, fresh cheese and other kinds of cheese.

cheese maker
Every cheese maker includes a recipe book with delicious cheese recipes.

Kefir soaps – a small but useful gift

Fermentation can be interesting for everyone, regardless of kitchen expertise. But some people don’t want to be pushed into this kind of small obligations. Maybe they are very busy and don’t have the time or are just not ready to start making fermented food at home. You can still choose a gift that is connected to this. It’s kefir soap. Made with milk kefir for healthy and nourished skin.

sensitive soap cleansing soap chamomile soap

Fermentation connoisseur

What can you give to someone who already knows a lot about fermentation and is happily preparing milk and water kefir, kombucha? There is always a need for more bottles to store and second ferment the kefir or kombucha. Here are 2nd fermentation bottles with airtight lids that enables easy pouring.

second ferment
Citruses are often used for second fermentation of kefir.


Whatever gift you choose for others or yourself, make it from the heart and with best wishes. Have a happy and warm holiday season!

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