Second Fermentation

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12.10 20.60 

12.10 20.60 


  • second fermentation lid
  • fermentation clock
  • glass jar


  • Second fermentation lid – 40 g
  • Second fermentation bottle 900 ml – 485 g
  • Second fermentation bottle 1,4 l – 755 g


  • Second fermentation lid – 4 x 10,6 cm
  • Second fermentation bottle 900 ml – 10,6 x 17,2 cm
  • Second fermentation bottle 1,4 l – 10,6 x 25,1 cm

Why second fermentation?

Unlock the full potential of fermentation! By allowing your kefir or kombucha to ferment further, you're allowing the yeast and bacteria to work their magic, resulting in a more complex, tangy flavor.

Second fermentation helps reduce the amount of sugar and transforms your already fermented drink into a fizzy masterpiece.

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What makes Second fermentation
bottle so special?

Innovative elements that create optimal
fermentation conditions.


Wide-mouth glass jars are easy to use and clean. Glass is a non-reactive material that does not interact with fermented drink, preserving its flavor and preventing contamination. The transparency allows for effective monitoring of the fermentation process.


A jar with a drinkable spout is a convenient and mess-free way to enjoy fermented drinks on-the-go. It prevents spills and drips, and is a more sustainable option. Experience a better way to enjoy your fermented drink.


Fermented drinks stay fresher for longer with an air-tight lid! Enjoy consistent carbonation, protected flavor, and safe drinking. Easy to use and perfect to take Kefirko with you on your travels and to never miss out on your daily dose of your favourite fermented drink.


Set the day in the month when you start the second fermentation. Track progress, avoid over-fermentation and achieve consistent results every time.

A perfect way to boost your homemade kefir with nutrients and flavours!

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1 review for Second Fermentation

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    Mirjana Oražem


    Practical and beautiful.

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    Albina Haberman

  3. English

    Mirjana Oražem


    I am very satisfied with the dishes. Beautiful and practical.

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Second Fermentation

12.10 20.60 

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