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Fermenting kombucha in the winter can present some challenges because the lower temperatures can affect the fermentation process. How does this change our kombucha fermenting and what can we do about it? Low temperatures in the environment can slow down…

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milk kefir

Is milk kefir good for weight loss?

Milk kefir is a fermented beverage rich in proteins. It’s low in calories but at the same time it makes us feel satiated for a longer time. This makes it an ideal food when trying to lose those extra pounds.…

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How you may benefit from fermented vegetables

Not really convinced that fermenting vegetables is something you would do? This article may change your mind. We have gathered some facts on why this is definitely something you should not just try but make sure it becomes part of…

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kefir cheese

4 steps to prepare kefir cream cheese

Is cream cheese something you can’t live without? Perhaps you wonder how this delicious treat could be available to you every day, with quality ingredients? Read on for detailed recipe for homemade creamy cheese. 1st Step: Prepare cultured milk Cheese…

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Fermented food during pregnancy and infancy

Fermented food – is it recommended for pregnant women and small babies? What a mother eats very much affects breast milk quality. One thing that repeatedly comes up in studies is the importance of a vibrant digestive microbiome in the breastfeeding mother.…

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Can children drink homemade kefir?

A few of my friends and colleagues have children who were born with allergies and poor immune systems. Although I don’t have children of my own, I wondered whether homemade kefir could be beneficial for babies and children as it…

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What is recommended daily dose of kefir?

Are you drinking kefir every day? … or you just drink a cup now and then? While some people just can’t live without a daily dose of kefir probiotics, other drink it only occasionally. It depends on what is your personal…

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The probiotics may help control high blood pressure

Can you imagine controlling high blood pressure – hypertension – with something as natural as probiotics? Some studies show that consuming probiotics every day can reduce blood pressure. High blood pressure is a condition that we usually treat with medications. Hence it’s commonly…

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