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Cheese Balls with fresh herbs

If you are a fan of cheese, you will love this quick and easy recipe for cheese balls. Perfect when having people over and you want to impress them with a nice looking appetiser that is also easy to prepare and takes little time.

Cheese balls recipe

Makes 12 pieces

125 g (4,4 oz) kefir cheese (well-drained)
1 pinch of salt
Ground pepper
4 tbsp snipped fresh herbs by choice: chives, dill, fennel, parsley, coriander

cheese balls
Add heirloom tomatoes and other fresh veggies for garnish

First prepare kefir cheese. You can use Kefirko Cheese Maker for simple preparation of cheese.

Combine cheese, salt and pepper. Stir it with a spatula until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Snip the herbs and spread them out in a plate. Make small cheese balls, then roll them in the herbs. Garnish a dish and serve to accompany the aperitif.


This recipe was published in recipe booklet Delicious Cheese Recipes by author Marie-Claire Frédéric – a gastronomic journalist and best-selling culinary writer, a food historian and a revivalist of fermentation.


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