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Coconut kefir smoothie with strawberries and banana

Coconut kefir made with coconut milk is a fantastic alternative to milk kefir. Especially for those with lactose intolerance. It can also be great alternative if you just want to mix it up a bit. In previous post, we learned how to prepare coconut milk kefir and what are its benefits.

You can easily use coconut milk kefir as it is fermented, however, you can do so much more with it. Just as with milk kefir, one of the simplest way of using kefir in cooking is to prepare shakes or smoothies. Here is a simple recipe:

Coconut kefir smoothie with strawberries and banana
Coconut kefir smoothie with strawberries and banana

Prepare homemade coconut kefir smoothie


  • 2 dcl coconut milk kefir
  • handful of strawberries (or any other fruit)
  • 1/2 ripe banana to replace sugar (or any other sweeteners)

Strawberries can be replaced with just about any fruits or vegetables according to your taste. You can also add different natural flavourings like cinnamon or vanilla, however, make sure to taste before serving. Coconut already provides an intensive taste to mix and match well.

Overall it is all in the experimentation and that is the best part of it.


Add fruit to coconut kefir and process with a (hand) blender. Easy as that!

It tastes best when freshly prepared, but can also be stored in refrigerator for up to 1 day. If kept in the refrigerator for over than 1 day, the fruit will start to lose its nutritional value.

Without heat processing, the fruit will ferment into alcohol.

Kids smoothie

Shakes and smoothies like these can also be fantastic way of getting your kids to eat fruits of vegetables which they don’t like. Slowly you might get them to accept the taste and enjoy healthy dose of vitamins.

Recipe created by Mrs Urška Fartelj for Kefirko recipe booklet.


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