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How you may benefit from fermented vegetables

Not really convinced that fermenting vegetables is something you would do? This article may change your mind.
We have gathered some facts on why this is definitely something you should not just try but make sure it becomes part of your everyday meals. You may benefit from fermented vegetables in more ways than one. Continue reading if you want to know how.

Benefits of fermented vegetables

1. Numerous health benefits

The list is very long. Like all fermented foods you may benefit from fermented vegetables too. Due to many live microorganisms and enzymes in fermented food, it has a positive effect on gut health, managing cholesterol level. strengthening the immune system, regulating appetite and weight loss.

2. Fermented vegetables are more nutritious

Fresh ingredients become even more nutritious once we ferment them. Vegetables are full of positive bacteria that turn sugars into lactic acid to create a meal full of nutrients that are absorbed more easily.

ferment vegetables
Delicious meals can be nutritious and healthy too.

3. Preservation of fresh vegetables

When there is an abundance of fresh ripe vegetables, fermentation is a great way to preserve them. This method was widespread before refrigerators and freezers were available too. Fermenting the freshly picked vegetables is recommended because this way you store them at the time when they are most nutritious.

Storage time of fermented vegetables varies. It’s important that vegetables are always submerged in brine during storage and kept in the fridge. If they come in contact with air they may spoil. You can store sauerkraut and kimchi for up to six months for example.

fermented vegetables
Fermented vegetables are an easy way to store the ripe vegetables for many months in your fridge.

4. Tasty food

Last but not the least, the delicious taste of fermented vegetables that you will become addicted to may just convince you to try it. There are some special flavours that develop only when vegetables are fermented. When you will get that on your plate, your taste buds will be very happy.

The taste of fermented vegetables is very distinctive: a bit sour and savoury. This acidic taste develops during fermentation and changes the original taste of the vegetable. So, if you don’t like some vegetables because of their taste, you may like it if they’re fermented.

benefit from fermented vegetables
Fermented vegetables don’t have to be separate meals, you can easily include them with other already popular dishes, like burgers. Why not try a delicious berry chutney?

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