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How to second ferment kefir

Once you have made your way in kefir making process and figured all the right measures, sizes and tastes of it, it is a good time to consider doing a second fermentation of kefir. It may seem as extra work that is not really necessary, but it actually has quite some benefits. The main differences between two fermentations are that in the second fermentation there are no kefir grains, and it is done in a sealed jar.

During the process of second fermentation kefir changes in several ways. To name a few, its taste is not as sour, its texture is creamier, it increases levels of B vitamins in kefir, as well as the levels of magnesium, calcium and probiotics. On the other hand, the levels of lactose are reduced. This happens because bacteria use lactose as a food source. Moreover, people who are sensitive or intolerant to milk may enjoy the second ferment kefir without negative consequences.

There are several variations to second ferment kefir. For example, after first ferment, you need to remove grains from the kefir, bottle it and leave it in the fridge for a few days. Or you can make kefir directly in the fridge. However, the best effects will give making second ferment outside of fridge, without grains.

The first step is to harvest your kefir and remove all the grains.

The second step is to pour kefir in a jar with a lid. There shouldn’t be space for air to come in.


And in case you wish something more than plain kefir taste, the third step of second ferment is flavoring the kefir with fruit, spices, juices or herbs. This is perfectly safe to do as the additional flavors cannot affect kefir grains.

And the final step is to seal the jar tightly and leave it for around 6 to 48 hours. Again, the time of the fermentation depends on the temperature, as well as on your taste. It could be good to taste it from time to time and figure what works best.


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