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Cream kefir cheese and figs for tasty breakfast

If there is a perfect combination figs, kefir cream cheese and honey is definitely the one! Sweetness of figs and salty cheese alone are a treat for your taste buds, and the honey is just a cherry ( that you drizzle) on the top. Try it out!

cream kefir cheese
If you aren’t lucky enough to live in the region where you can grow your own figs, you can opt for store bought ones. Just note that once picked they need to be used quite fast.

Cream cheese with kefir

Ingredients and preparation

To prepare kefir cheese you need to make kefir first. Use milk and milk kefir grains. It usually takes about 24 hours to make kefir. Then pour the kefir into the Kefirko Cheese Maker and leave to strain overnight. Next day you can use the pressing spring to get more dry cheese or use it as it is.

  • 200 g of kefir cream cheese
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 4 fresh figs
  • honey
  • 8 rice crackers
figs and kefir cheese
This beautiful plate of fruit on top of crackers with cheese will definitely be an eyecatcher when you host friends and family. Easy and quick to make, too!

Steps to prepare this sweet snack

Mix cheese and cinnamon and spread it over crackers.
Wash figs in cool water and cut lengthwise into quarters or slices and place over cheese.
Drizzle with some of your favorite honey.

Enjoy the flavours!

This recipe was created by Vedrana from Kefirolicious.


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