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Home > Recipes > Cream kefir cheese with purslane and pumpkin oil

Cream kefir cheese with purslane and pumpkin oil

This recipe for cream kefir cheese has a special green ingredient, named purslane. Combined with kefir cheese and pumpkin oil, it creates a distinctive taste of the dish.

So, if you have the opportunity to get it, this recipe is definitely something to try out. If the plant is not available to you, you can replace it with some other greenish plant, like spinach, parsley, arugula or watercress.

cream cheese purslane
Live bacteria in fermented food can help with gut microflora when consumed regularly.

Purslane, kefir cheese and oil

Purslane is a typical sea plant that grows on the sea marshes. It’s already salty and for this reason we don’t have to add salt to this recipe. We can pick this plant whole year and it’s rich with vitamins and minerals.

Live bacteria in fermented food can help with gut microflora when consumed regularly. Great way to get it into your body is to drink milk kefir. To change things up a bit, you can use creamy kefir cheese can as a spread.

Pumpkin oil is very common in Slovenia, it’s typical for a region called Prekmurje. It very dark and has more earthy taste. It’s used in salads or with appetizers. Pumpkin oil is rich with vitamin E and E-tocopherols which are a great source of antioxidants.

cheese with pumpkin oil
When we bite into the thick purslane leaves we experience the salty taste and pumpkin seeds.

Make cream kefir cheese spread


  • 150 g kefir cream cheese (strained kefir overnight in Kefirko Cheese Maker)
  • handful of chopped  purslane
  • cold pressed pumpkin oil to taste

Strain 600 ml milk kefir in Kefirko Cheese Maker overnight, then use pressing spring to make more hard cheese. When strained, take it out of the basket and store in the fridge.

To prepare the spread put the cream kefir cheese into a bowl, add chopped purslane and pumpkin oil. Mix everything together and serve. You can use few leaves of purslane to decorate.

cream cheese
Combining three delicious and healthy ingredients make a perfect spread for any type of bread or crackers you want, we used a crunchy ciabatta.

This recipe created Mojca Dolinar from

Prepare kefir cheese with Kefirko:

cheese maker

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