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Crostini with kefir cream cheese and ramsons

This crostini with kefir cream cheese will bring natural ingredients to your table. Picking edible wild plants makes walks in the nature even more interesting. With little effort we can provide delicious food rich in minerals and vitamins.

Ramsons helps withs spring fatigue, stimulates energy, so we like it in the spring time to enjoy in various dishes. It is recommended in a quantity of 5 fresh leaves or a spoon of pesto a day. Milk creamy kefir is rich in lactic acid bacteria and yeasts to maintain a healthy intestinal flora. To decorate, we can use few sprigs of ordinary Lady’s bedstraw plant, which gives a pleasant crips on the bread.

crostini with kefir
Kefir cream cheese can be wonderfully mixed with fresh or dry herbs. Depending on the season, this can soon become your favourite breakfast.


  • 200 g kefir cream cheese
  • 5 ramsons leaves without stem (or 1 tsp of ramsons pesto)
  • few sprigs of lady’s bedstraw plant
  • salt and pepper to taste
kefir cheese
You won’t need much ingredients to prepare this recipe. Thinking ahead to prepare kefir and leave it to strain will give a base of delightful cream cheese which you can pair with any herbs available.

How to prepare crostini with kefir cheese

Take 500 ml of kefir and strain it in the Kefirko Cheese Maker, use pressing spring with disc to get more dry cheese. Take it out of the mesh basket next day and mix in chopped ramsons. Add salt and pepper to taste. Decorate with lady’s bedstraw sprigs.

Spread the cheese on bread of your choice. You can use toasted slices of baguette made with sourdough.

crostini with kefir cream cheese
Don’t eat gluten, prefer sourdough bread? Options are limitless and kefir cream cheese likes all of them!

It takes a bit longer to make kefir cream cheese but the taste is wonderful. You can make it overnight in the Kefirko Cheese Maker. The whey that remains when strainer is very healthy and you can use it to make pancakes.

This recipe created our guest blogger Mojca Dolinar, Doberkotkruh.

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