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Frozen kefir – your favourite type of ice cream!

Frozen kefir? What an idea for a refreshment!

You probably already tried frozen yogurt. In hot summer days this is definitely a refreshing dessert, especially if you don’t like very sweet desserts and prefer more sour ones. But you probably haven’t tried frozen kefir and here is the recipe for you to do just that.

It’s easy to make and it does not take a lot of time. Freezing is actually most time consuming and it transfers fresh kefir into iced goodies. ? There is also an infinity of flavour combinations and you can surely prepare a frozen kefir to your taste.

Ingredients (adjust the amounts to your ice cream moulds):

  • 100 g milk kefir
  • 5 g cast sugar
  • 1 bag vanilla sugar (13 g)
  • handful red grape berries
  • 40 g biscuits (we used cereal biscuits)

How to prepare frozen kefir

  1. Crumble biscuits into a bowl, add milk kefir, sugar and vanilla. Mix it well until it combines.
  2. Cut berries into quarters and put it on the bottom of the moulds.
  3. Fill the moulds with kefir mixture.
  4. Put the moulds into the freezer for 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the moulds, until frozen through.

Bon apetit! ?

frozen kefir
What is your preferred flavour combo for this summer? We are obsessed with all kind of berries mixed with creamy milk kefir.

Flavouring ideas

Frozen kefir is delicious if you add berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), peaches or any other seasonal fruit. You can also add honey. To get more crunch, add nuts, cereals, cookies … or even chocolate. Also try a delicious combo of chocolate and peanut butter!

Looking forward to seeing your creations. Share them with us in comments or on Social media.

This recipe belongs to KEFYA team – a team of students who created a new product and entered a renowned competition Ecotrophelia (for students in food industry). They won first prize in Slovenia and are going to international competition in Koln this fall.

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