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How to make coconut kefir cheese at home

Coconut kefir cheese can be a wonderful alternative to dairy cheese. And you can easily make it yourself. In previous blog, we posted a detailed recipe for the coconut kefir, made with coconut milk. If you now have too much of coconut kefir or just want to change things up a bit, here is a simple way to make delicious, creamy coconut cheese!

You can make soft cheese to use in desserts or strain it a bit longer using the pressing disc to get more dry and hard cheese.


Pour 500 ml coconut milk kefir into the mesh basket of the Kefirko Cheese Maker and cover it with a lid.

You should put the straining cheese into the fridge to slow down fermentation, it will prevent cheese from becoming too sour in taste.

Allow to drain overnight or until desired consistency.

kefir cheese
You can use it as it is or use the pressing spring to get more firm cheese.

To flavour the cheese, you can add salt before pressing it.

Cheese can be kept in the fridge in a closed container.

*Clear liquid that remains on the bottom of a bottle is whey, which tends to have several health benefits and is useful in infinite ways so don’t discard it. You can simply drink it or add it to your favourite smoothie. It can also be a great starter for vegetable ferments.

**You can try this recipe with any other non-dairy kefir. The texture of the cheese will depend on the texture of the kefir from which it is prepared.

Use the cheese as it is or in sweet or savoury dishes.

Sweet or sour?

Are you team sweet or savoury? This cheese will satisfy both. It is delicious as a spread. You can mix it with your favourite fruit or jam to make a sweet one. Or stir in some salt (if you haven’t already before pressing it), fresh herbs and desired spices for a savoury version.

Because of its creamy consistency it is a great base for ice cream. Despite it tastes slightly more sour it also acts as a good substitute for cream cheese. It works wonderfully, even in cheesecake.

* Coconut kefir recipe:

Prepare cheese with Cheese maker:



  1. How can I make coconut kefir thicker and creamy? There’s a brand that I buy called Ancient Awakenings and that brand’s coconut kefir is thicker in consistency like sour cream. Not liquid like other brands or some recipes that I see online.

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