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Pancakes with whey and buckwheat flour

This recipe for delicious pancakes with whey is a special take on traditional crepes from the central France. Author of the recipe Marie-Claire Frédéric is a gastronomic journalist and culinary writer, owner of Suri – a restaurant in Paris that serves fermented foods. She prepared this recipe for the book of recipe Delicious cheese recipes that is included with every Kefirko Cheese Maker.

Pancakes with whey – bourriols

• 125 g (4,5 oz) buckwheat flour
• 125 g (4,5 oz) wheat flour
• 1⁄2 tsp fine salt
• 500 ml (17 oz) whey (from making kefir cheese)
• fat for baking (oil, butter)

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Allow the whey to ripen for a few days in a cool place before using it. Combine both flours and salt. Make a hole in the centre. Gradually pour in the whey, incorporating a little of the flour at a time, so it does not go lumpy. Cover with a cloth and let it rest at mild room temperature for a few hours, until the batter increases in volume and is covered with bubbles.

Just before baking them, incorporate the melted butter into the batter, this will prevent you from having to grease the frying pan between each baking. If necessary, adjust the consistency with a little water if the batter is too thick. Bake them like crepes in a hot greased frying pan and savour them like crepes, with jam, honey, or, in salty version, with cooked pork meats or cheeses.

pancakes with whey
Enjoy homemade pancakes with whey!

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  1. I really dislike wasting of any kind especially foods.
    Whey, I think is what I can’t have in yoghurt at least
    I am lactose intolerant, I’m somewhat ok with full fat and I make my own kefir with organic full fat milk
    Would appreciate your opinion in consuming whey – thanks

    • Hi Denise, thanks for commenting. There is a blog post here about whey specifically, too. When you make kefir the lactose is used up during fermentation as food for bacteria. Kefir is 99% free of lactose, therefore so is kefir whey. But this also depends on how long you ferment. Definitely check with your doctor for guidance on this.

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