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Quick and easy fermented radishes to prepare at home

With introducing our new product on Kickstarter – Kefirko Veggie Fermenter – here is the first recipe for fermented radishes that you can easily prepare at home, even if you are a beginner in this.

Pickled radishes are quick to make, they are a great addition to many meals, for example as sandwich toppers, complimenting the cheese plates, salads, burgers and others. They are a bit tangy and sour in taste and can add flavour and enhance your meals wonderfully.

pickled radishes
With lacto-fermentation you can easily preserve radishes and increase their vitamin and enzyme levels.

What you need to prepare fermented radishes?

  • bunch of radishes
  • water + salt solution

Add some flavours to your radishes

For more flavour of your ferment use fresh or dried herbs and spices. You can add herbs, for example dill, or garlic to get more kick.

Wash the radishes first. You can leave them whole, cut them into halves or slice them. Put them into the glass jar add any other vegetables or herbs you like.
Prepare the brine – a solution of water and salt. Usually we put 1 tbsp of salt to 2 cups of water. Mix until the salt is dissolved.

Pour the brine over the veggies and herbs mixture in the jar. Make sure they’re submerged. Kefirko Veggie Fermenter has a convenient glass weight that holds down the vegetables. This is important because vegetables that get in contact with air may spoil due to mold forming.

Close with a lid an leave to ferment 5-7 days. The built-in pump on the lid enables you to pump out the extra air in the lid. Taste as you go to decide what flavour you like most. It will become more sour with each day.

radishes on bread
After fermentation you can store radishes in covered jar in the fridge. Every time you need a bit of a kick with your meals.

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