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Water kefir with common lilac

Fragrant common lilac is beautiful flowering bush that we can find in most every park or home garden. We can also use it’s flowers to prepare tea, great for common colds. When infused in water kefir it’s power is combined with beneficial effects of lactic bacteria and yeasts that help boost your immunity.

This recipe also includes black currant juice which is rich with antioxidants, minerals and vitamin C. Together with common lilac and water kefir they create a delicious healthy spring beverage.

common lilac
Common lilac is in bloom when spring sun shows its face. The gardens with this bush are very fragrant and attractive for the eye. And the scent reminds us of fresh apple shell of green apples.

Water kefir with common lilac and black currant juice


  • 500 ml water kefir infused with common lilac and slice of lemon
  • homemade black currant juice


Prepare water kefir with water kefir grains, water and brown sugar. Add flowers from common lilac and slice of rinsed lemon. Then leave to ferment for one day.

Next day you can prepare the beverage. Strain the water kefir and add black currant juice in 1:1 ratio. (If you plan to second ferment water kefir, the ratio must not exceed 1:10, water kefir : juice). Chill and serve with fresh flowers from common lilac.

common lilac water kefir
Kefir with fermented common lilac and currant juice for a perfect spring combination and delightful taste.

The recipe was created by Mojca Dolinar,

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