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Water kefir with green tea and ginger

Green tea is excellent for relaxation and combines very good with ginger, lemon, honey and water kefir.

Vanilla green tea has a positive effect on alertness and is also a good antioxidant. The rich aroma of vanilla soothes and relaxes. Ginger supports vitality, gives your body more energy and helps reducing inflammation. Honey strengthens the heart and blood vessels, and with its mild, delicate taste makes every beverage more sweet. Lemon enriches it with Vitamin C, and water kefir adds a wealth of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts that have a beneficial effect on the body.

green tea
Citruses and ginger are just the right thing we need in this season of cold sores. Together with green tea we can invigorate our body and boost it’s immunity.

To prepare green tea:

  • 500 ml water
  • 3 cm ginger root
  • 3 tsp Vanilla green tea

To prepare water kefir beverage:

  • 500 ml Vanilla and ginger green tea
  • 500 ml water kefir
  • 1 freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp acacia honey

First heat the water to prepare green tea. Boil 500 ml water and use tea bags or tea leaves to prepare tea. Brew the tea for about 7 min and strain.
Once the tea cools down to room temperature stir in honey and lemon juice. Pour into a glass jar with 500 ml of freshly strained water kefir.
Serve with lemon wedges

water kefir with green tea
Enjoy water kefir with different kinds of combination, use other teas or citruses and flavour it as you like it best!

Water kefir needs to be prepared in advance because fermentation process takes time.

Simple water kefir recipe:

Use water kefir grains to prepare water kefir. Take 6 tbsp water kefir grains and the same amount of quality sugar. Mix all together in 1l water and add fruit to taste (organic lemon wedges and slices of apple). After 24-48 hrs the kefir is ready to drink. Just remove the fruit and strain the grains that you can use to prepare new batch of water kefir.


This recipe created Mojca Dolinar from doberkotkruh!


Start making water kefir:

water kefir grains


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