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Yummy kefir cheese with chives

Making kefir cheese from kefir is a great way to make your favourite spread to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or snack. If the plain taste of cheese isn’t something you like, or you just want to change things up a bit, here is an idea for a yummy kefir cheese with chives.

yummy kefir cheese
Special cream cheese spread to complement your green ingredients.

Prepare kefir cheese with chives


  • 500ml milk kefir
  • 1 bunch chives
  • salt, pepper

Put the kefir in the Kefirko Cheese Maker and let it drip off overnight (about 8 hours). Put it into a bowl, mix it with the chopped chives and add salt and pepper – done.

Enjoy it on a slice of bread.

We also love to enjoy it with different kind of vegetable sticks (carrots, cucumbers etc.).

kefir cheese
You can also combine this kefir spread with vegetables and use it as a dip. Just add some spices and enjoy it!

The author of this recipe is Melanie Reisner-Kollmann from


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  1. You say to use 500mls of Milk Kefir.

    You don’t mention if you should have Kefir Grains, too,
    and if so how many Grains, should be with 500mls of Kefir Milk,
    in order to make this Kefir Cheese?

    Please can you clear up my baffling confusion?
    Thank you.

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