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Homemade kefir & Vitamins

Kefirko blog is all about homemade kefir and its health benefits. We have already talked about main benefits of kefir for our body, however, we did not go deep into why this is the case. We know kefir is right with probiotics, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Now let’s take a look at what exactly these are.

Understanding nutrition value of our food is important in order to properly balance it. Understanding what our body needs and that we consume can gravelly improve our overall healthy. Abundance or lack of certain nutrition’s can be cause for various disease or even life treating.

homemade kefir vitamins
Kefir is right with vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, B2 B3, D and E

In this blog post we will look into what Vitamins we can find in plain kefir. However, we must stress, that these numbers are only an estimation since the amount of each vitamin will depend on the milk and where it came from. Greatly effecting nutrition value of milk and later also kefir are any food processing processes which milk has undergone.

Vitamins in homemade kefir

Below is a list of most common vitamins found in on serving (100g) of kefir:

Vitamin Amount in milligrams (mg)

Amount in percent of recommended daily intake (RDI)

Vitamin A

0,17mg 28%

Vitamin B



Vitamin B2



Vitamin B3



Vitamin C



Vitamin D 0,02mg


Vitamin E 0,02mg


Sources: source 1, source 2, source 3

As we can see, just one serving of kefir can provide our body with significant amount of various vitamins. This will help our body strengthen immune system, regulate digestive system and fight allergens.

At the same time, we must stress that these numbers are only estimations of researchers and are not results of our own work. As we already wrote in the beginning, these numbers warry because of number of thigs. This is especially true for fresh homemade kefir, where fermentation environment is not as highly regulated as it might be in diary processing plants.


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