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Homemade coconut water kefir

Coconut water kefir is filled with bacteria strains that improve your gut health, a great refreshment that can replace sugared sodas and packed with vitamins!

Already enjoying fermented foods and becoming quite an expert on fermenting kefir? Whether milk or water kefir lover, coconut can be a new excitement in your fermenting experience.

To prepare water kefir with coconut water you can use fresh coconuts if you are lucky enough to leave in a part of the world where fresh organic coconuts are available for a reasonable price. The rest of will have to make do with store bought coconut water which are also a great option.

Recipe for coconut water kefir



Step 1: Put the grains into the coconut water and cover the jar. You can use the Kefirko kefir fermenter with an adjustable top lid that enables airflow during the fermentation.

Step 2: After approximately 24-48 hrs the kefir should be ready for straining. Check the taste of the beverage if you aren’t sure. It should have a bit tangy kefir flavour but not sweet since the sugar  is used as food for the grains during the fermentation. The fermented coconut kefir also looks more cloudy than coconut water which is clear.

Step 3: After straining pour the beverage into a jar or multiple bottles with a seal and put it into the fridge. You can add some fruit to add flavour to the drink. You can use fresh juice too. After another day you have a delicious and a bit fizzy drink filled with probiotics.

Enjoy water kefir and experiment with different tastes!


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