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Water kefir with common lilac

Fragrant common lilac is beautiful flowering bush that we can find in most every park or home garden. We can also use it’s flowers to prepare tea, great for common colds. When infused in water kefir it’s power is combined…

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Crostini with kefir cream cheese and ramsons

This crostini with kefir cream cheese will bring natural ingredients to your table. Picking edible wild plants makes walks in the nature even more interesting. With little effort we can provide delicious food rich in minerals and vitamins. Ramsons helps…

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Cake with kefir for special occasions

This is a cake with kefir usually made for special occasions like Easter. It’s also connected to many traditions as a symbol of peace and welfare. You can also prepare the cake in any shape you prefer. Ingredients for the…

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water kefir

Ramsons water kefir smoothie recipe

Ramsons water kefir smoothie is a refreshing spring beverage. Ramsons known as wild garlic is a delicious wild plant that grows in the spring when there is not a lot of fresh vegetables available yet.  It is rich with Vitamins…

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Pancakes with whey and buckwheat flour

This recipe for delicious pancakes with whey is a special take on traditional crepes from the central France. Author of the recipe Marie-Claire Frédéric is a gastronomic journalist and culinary writer, owner of Suri – a restaurant in Paris that serves…

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coconut water kefir brew

Homemade coconut water kefir

Coconut water kefir is filled with bacteria strains that improve your gut health, a great refreshment that can replace sugared sodas and packed with vitamins! Already enjoying fermented foods and becoming quite an expert on fermenting kefir? Whether milk or…

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Avocado filled with kefir and egg

Looking for ideas for a quick lunch or afternoon snack where you can use the milk kefir? This quick and easy to make recipe for avocado filled with kefir and egg can also be a nutritious breakfast or dinner dish.  This…

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Homemade mozzarella for every home cook!

Homemade mozzarella isn’t something scary and complicated that any home cook couldn’t make. It actually takes very little time and only few ingredients to prepare this traditional Italian cheese. We decided to share this recipe for homemade mozzarella with you…

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Brioche made with kefir

Brioche – a beautiful and tasty French pastry often enjoyed at breakfast. This rich buttery bread is usually made with milk or water which can easily be replaced with kefir. Our friend Carole Marret was so kind to share this…

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